Sunday, March 29, 2009

Crisis of Credit Explained

The Crisis of Credit Visualized on VimeoImage by hansamann via Flickr

I have had many discussions with different people on the current recession / global financial crisis / crisis or credit whichever word you want to use to describe the situation the global economy is in. One thing is sure if we dont understand how we got into this mess, then it is sure to happen again. Its not enough to lay blame, like opposition parties in most developed economies are doing (I wonder what they will do if they are in power), but it is key that we know that the departure from ' common sense' is at the root of this crisis.

In my quest to understand the very root of all this, I came across the crisis of credit video by Jonathan Jarvis, which by the way seem to be the best explanation with no complex financial theories. This video convinced me of my theory of the 'departure from common sense' - more on that later


The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Getting Started in Web Analytics - tips for Small Businesses

Google Analytics v2.0Image by vrypan via Flickr

In my discussions with various Online retailers about optimising their online channels, one of the main challenges to adopting web analytics into their online strategy has been the issue of justifying the cost of using a tool like Omniture / Web Trends / Coremetrics and whether there will be a return on such investments. I understand their thinking considering the cost of implementation and getting good analysts (which by the way is not an easy task) but what I usually advise is that you can get started by using a free analytics tool such as Google Analytics. This gets you started on the path to knowing what is happening on your site and how to improve the performance of the online channel.

Even though free, these tools will give you the ability to make better decisions on your page layout, SEO & PPC strategy. I have implemented a few tools like Omniture, Web Trends, HBS, and Google Analytics for a few clients and they all have one thing in common, within a few weeks of extracting basic reports, they are able to make the right judgement on where their focus should be. So if you are a small business, if you operate an online retail shop, then it is in your best interest to begin to look at some of these tools. I have been researching a list of free analytics tools when I stumbled on Six Revisions. So here you go! a list of 10 promising Free Web Analytics tools.

Let me know if any of the tools tickle your fancy:)

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