Thursday, August 09, 2007

Finding time to blog...

Its so easy to break your pomises that you will definitely blog regularly. I started this blog several months ago and I can't just get myself to blog regularly..Not with my present and future schedule. Today I'll just share briefly what I've been up to this year and what I've still got lined up before the end of the year:

January - April: Consultant helping Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurs & Professionals in the UK to access funding for Capacity Building Training. These courses are mostly sponsored by the European Social Fund and London Skills Council. If you are interested in attending any of the sponsored courses in the future, please send me an email

July: After several weeks of turning the idea over in my mind. I was sure that I will be co-founding a Venture Capital company in 2009 that will be focussed on investments in the emerging markets, to keep the dream burning in my heart I have launched Midas Funds - a blog I hope to share various ideas, facts, opportunties and risks about doing business and investing in the major emerging markets. My focus will be on the BRICS Countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and Nigeria (my beloved country). I will also try and share some of my experiences as an investor and consultant in those countries…may be the good ones to start with so you are not so scared :)

July: Just started the re-branding and re-focussing of Netwox Limited

August: Planning Nigerian By Choice with Gbenga Sesan. We hope to have a conference and discussion forum with some of the brightest and passionate Young Nigerian Entrepreneurs in the UK. Date is Saturday, September 15, 2007. I'll keep you updated on this blog....hopefully! :)

July - October: Implementing SMS Voting Solution for Celebrity Takes 2 - a celebrity dancing competition starting in October 2007. My company Onecard Technologies will be implementing and coordinating sms and online voting in more than 9 countries including Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, UK, USA, etc

July - December: Working as a consultant on a Portal Content Management Project with BT

So that’s what I've done and will do all through summer this year..and well into the autumn. I'm hoping to get a couple of days off so I can keep my promise of a trip to Barcelona to watch Thierry Henry play but I just wonder where I'm gonna get or buy that time from…

My major problem with time management now will be the start of the premiership this Saturday. I believe its in the next couple of months that I will really know if I'm as disciplined and pro-active as I thought..(Arsenal fans know what I mean:)

Anyways..i've started blogging and lets hope I wouldn’t stop this time! :)

Enjoy your weekend!

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