Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nigerian By Choice (NBC) Conference

"...Young Nigerians in the United Kingdom Discuss the Nation's Future"

The role of any nation's Diaspora in its development does not need any debate. For Nigeria, the role of its citizens in other nations cannot be ignored, especially when consideration is given to their size and the inspiring roles that they play (or will eventually play) in those countries where they presently reside. The size of the Nigerian Diaspora in the United Kingdom -- from students to professionals -- places additional responsibility on the shoulders of both the Nigerian nation and her people in the United Kingdom.

While the citizens can use their various platforms of influence to engage government (and contribute their own quota) towards improving living conditions, they can also benefit from the emerging opportunities that are increasingly available in Nigeria.

The Nigerian by Choice conference is an opportunity for young Nigerians in the United Kingdom to discuss the future of Nigeria. This conference does not seek to discuss the problems, but will serve as a forum where solutions, opportunities and networking will be the action guides. We believe that it is time for Nigerians living in the United Kingdom and are below the age of 40 (who can appreciate the need to take action in order to move from where we are to where we should be) to take action in order to create the nation we can be proud to call home. The September 2007 conference will focus on the following objectives:

  • Encouraging the need to take advantage of ICT-enabled Entrepreneurship to help meet Nigeria's employment needs;
  • Organizing Socio-Economic Missions that will enable Nigerian professionals in Diaspora to use their expertise to support relevant efforts;
  • Networking the expertise of the participants to influence policy and demonstrate how Nigeria can take practical steps towards development;
  • Celebration of "What's Great About Nigeria" because if we don't, the world won't have an example to follow!

Featuring brief keynotes, break-out groups, panel discussions and qualityquestion-and-answer time, the conference will deliver on its promise of kick-starting a process of networking ongoing efforts towards addressing theneed to place Nigeria on its path of becoming one of the best places to callhome during the first quarter of the 21st century!

Date: Saturday, September 15 2007
Time: 11am to 4pm
Venue: Women's Library Centre, London Metropolitan University, 25 Old Castle
Street London E1 7NT (See directions)
Entry: FREE [Support the conference]

Programme of Events

1000 - 1114: Arrivals, Networking and Registration
1115 - 1120: National Anthem
1121 - 1130: Opening Remarks
1131 - 1150: Keynote 1 ("Investment Opportunities in Nigeria")
1151 - 1210: Keynote 2 ("ICTs and Entrepreneurship")
1211 - 1225: Tea Break
1231 - 1250: Keynote 3 ("Socio-Economic Missions")
1251 - 1320: Break-out Groups
1321 - 1350: Report-back from Groups
1351 - 1410: Light Lunch Break
1411 - 1440: Panel Discussions
1441 - 1525: Interactive Session (Questions and Discussions)
1526 - 1545: Wrap Up

The conference will be delivered through the joint efforts of Netwox Limited, Paradigm Initiative Nigeria, and other partners. Netwox Limited will serve as the coordinating institution for the conference, and Paradigm Initiative Nigeria will be responsible for the post-conference coordination -- including the publication of conference proceedings and management of the post-conference process as decided by the participants.

Best regards,
Kayode Afolabi

+44 1 375 483 822
+44 78 779 03 05 6

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