Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Fate Model Entrepreneur Award 2007 Call For Nominations

This year, FATE Foundation (again) is seeking previously uncelebrated high impact, successful, and ethical entrepreneurs across the length and breadth of Nigeria as its FATE Entrepreneur for 2007. The essence of the FATE Entrepreneurial Awards (FATE Model Entrepreneur Award &
FATE Alumni Model Entrepreneur Award) is to celebrate successful and ethical Nigerian entrepreneurs, who have distinguished themselves in their enterprises, and then offer them as credible role models to inspire budding Nigerian entrepreneurs as well as FATE Entrepreneurs.

FATE Model Entrepreneur Award seeks to recognize and celebrate ethical Nigerian men and women who have successfully established a fast growing business, created employment as well as contributed to the fostering of other businesses in the country. FATE’s hosting of the FME Award is driven by the need to rectify the dearth of role models in the Nigerian society; a dearth which is at the root of the decay in values in the society and the festering of sharp and corrupt practices. FATE’s belief is that searching for such inspiring and respect-commanding Nigerian entrepreneurs through a very competitive and transparent process, would help identify people who have through hard work, ingenuity and tenacity traversed the rough and sometimes hostile Nigerian business terrain and struck success, celebrate and present them as role models for other Nigerians to aspire to.

Transparency is one of the tenets of the Foundation, and the process for selecting the FME is done as openly as possible. Nominations for FME are called from the general public through advertisements in the print and electronic media. The FME Award committee reviews all nominations and using the approved selection criteria, prepares a shortlist of awardees. This is followed by extensive interviews with staff and client of the nominees’ organization as well as the nominee, to further ascertain that they match the profile of FME.

Criteria are:

  • FME must be self-made Nigerian with a successful business that has provided employment for a significant number of Nigerians;
  • FME must possess the attributes of ethics, creativity, discipline, hard work and innovation. (NB: FATE is very particular about ethics);
  • FME must have demonstrated social responsibility and positively impacted his/her community;
  • FME must be an accomplished individual who has recorded notable milestones

Nominations (online: www.fatefoundation.org; email: fmeaward2007@fatefoundation.com) to include Name, Business and Contact details (if known). Please forward to your network to help us discover those men and women who are transforming the society through their businesses.

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